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We can change the colour of clothing of all types – casual, business and formalwear and homewares such as loose lounge covers, towels, flokati rugs, curtains etc.
We also specialise in dyeing special items such as wedding and evening dresses and suits. You can completely change the look of many clothing and homewears items to give them a completely new look and life!

We use high quality, light-fast dyes to overdye your original base cloth. Final results vary according to the fabric type, it’s original colour and how the article is manufactured. Customers are generally pleased with the new colour and if improvements are possible, we always process articles a second time at no extra charge.

How To Use Our Colour Dyeing Service?

  1. You can start with a problem
    – an item you want to dye
    – a service we provide
    – you can even start with a colour which you want us to match on some fabric.
  2. Access our list of Services from the menu on the left or just give us a call to discuss your needs. Our clothes dying service is one of the biggest in Australia and we have very high standards of workmanship so you can be assured of a quality, professional colour change service every time. When we change the colour of clothing we have high standards of colour matching and our work is guaranteed so we will redye if necessary to attain the perfect colour change for your garment.

CullaChange have an excellent reputation for quality work and were recently featured on on Channel 7’s Shopping secrets segment.

CullaChange offers a quality colour dyeing service that can change the colour of even the most delicate of garments. Our standard colour change service can update the following clothing items:

– shawls, pashminas, shirts, tops

– jumpers, cardigans, intimates

– pants, skirts, vests, dresses

– coats, trenchcoats, capes

– heavy overcoats, jackets

– suits, ensembles (2 piece)

– suits, ensembles (3 piece)

– simple style evening dresses

– wedding/evening gowns

– wedding: veils, fabrics, trims

– and more.

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